Your message to the New World.

It’s time to build a New World where we stay united with our ideas, messages, thoughts, dreams, whatever…

All this, starts with a deep and sharing process that we usually have in our private spaces (pubs, offices, homes, sport centers, churches…).

With DNW tool we want to give you a virtual space to share what you really wish in a New World, find people with the same purpose and spread your single effort directly to the subjects involved (Politics, neighbours, employees, a best friend…yourself!)

See you all in the New World!

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    If you don’t want to show your face, you can send an audio through Whatsapp or Telegram; we’ll take care of it and transform it in a video with a neutral background.

    What is DNW tool?

    Think. Rec. Upload. Share.


    Rec your video/audio with your message for The New World.


    Upload it on the DNW tool.


    We collect and share the message with your consent.


    We send the message to the reachable addressee and update you about the tracking.


    Share your DNW message on social network with hashtag #DearNewWorld

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